Why Does Your School Need A Website?

Do you want your school to be left behind? and I believe you  don’t.From the statics we have gather we found out that 70% of Primary Schools and 60% of secondary schools in Nigeria do not have their own website. That is to say most schools are not leveraging themselves the potential's that of the internet.

The World Wide Web (Internet) is one of the most effective communication technologies today that make it simply easy for school authorities to connect to parents and for students to connect with their teachers. Developing an effective school website takes time and resources but if done right, the benefits to the school community are enormous.

List below are some of the benefits of having a website for your school.

• A school website provides information about your school and what you do well.
• A school website can expand opportunities for parents to communicate with the school and become more informed about their child's education.
• Teachers can use the website to share ideas with other teachers.
• The Websites can greatly eliminate barriers in involving parents in school and can help keep parents informed about upcoming exams, activities, and other tips to help their children.
• Parents can provide feedback to teachers and to the school.
• It can help in influence the decision of parents who is just trying to make up his/her mind either to choose your own school or the other one down the road.
For example, a school website can become a great resource for families who are relocating i.e. Lagos to Abuja .It can provide information about your school for existing pupils and parents as well as potential ones

Celebrate and publicize your school:

• Raise the profile of your school
• Display children's work
• Celebrate the successes of children and the school
• Advertise the school and record events and activities of the pupils.

Improve information flow:
• Provide important and useful information about the school, its staff and its governors
• Provide contact details and email contact to the school's administration provide downloadable teaching and learning resources.

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