A Giant is Emerging!

A Giant is Emerging!

If there was a way you could earn one penny on every game of Madden™, FIFA™, Angry Birds™, or Candy Crush™ played each year, would you want to know about it? (It may seem impossible, but 1.2 billion games of Candy Crush is played every day!.
United Games is offering you and me an opportunity to capitalize massively on the immense smartphone game explosion.

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Showcasing Africa's Emerging Technology Opportunities



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Here Is Confirmation That Nigeria’s Power Industry Is Near Bankruptcy- Dallas Peave

 Nigeria may be in darkness in the next few weeks as cash strapped power companies, owed as much as N219 billion by the  Federal Government, are unable  to settle loans borrowed from banks while future expansions are in dare jeopardy. Operators are in a precarious situation because inadequate cash flows have hindered them from purchasing

Unity Bank Sacks 215 Nonperforming Staff

Unity Bank Sacks 215 Nonperforming Staff As Bank Redirects Its Operations About 215 staff of Unity Bank were yesterday laid off, with some preferring to resign. Staff affected were across all cadres, with the 40% performance target as the yardstick used to decide those that were laid off, as the bank desires to o grow


When Money Stopped Flowing Into MMM South Africa- MMM Nigeria

Nigerians have recently been introduced to the popular MMM scheme. The controversial scheme who most “savvy investors” refer to as either a ponzi or pyramid scheme has garnered a lot of support from those who participate in it. Operators of the scheme in Nigeria have also not been ashamed to defend it vehemently despite the


How e-Commerce can lift Nigeria’s economy-Juliet Anammah

Chief Executive Officer of Jumia, Nigeria’s leading online shopping platform, Juliet Anammah, cut her teething corporate management at May & Baker Plc where she worked for eight years. Her experience in strategic management at Accenture equally molded her for the challenging task of ensuring that Jumia succeeds in Nigeria. In this interview, Anammah talks about


Largest Potato farm in Sub-Saharan Africa’

In this interview, seasoned wealth advisor, Olusegun Paul Andrew, who has initiated, managed and directed world-class projects for key global institutions, governments and individuals, spoke to CHUKS NWANNE on Nigeria’s agric sector and how Vicampro Group intends to change the country’s economic lanscape with its 80-million dollar-potato farm/processing plant. It seems the fall in oil