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    With Tuc-webhost Domain Name Reseller account you can take a slice of the multi-million dollar domain name market.
               TUC Communications Services offers a wide array of Products and Services that you can choose to sell. When you signup for a Reseller Account with us, you are automatically signed up for all Products and Services. As such, your Customers and Sub-Resellers can purchase all Products and Services from you.

        Customise the Reseller Storefront to go with your current products and services, Chose what to offer, For how much, and how your website should look like.
          upper-tucwebhst A Set-up fee of =N=3000 .Initial deposit of N8500.00  Which will be for 5 domains names,No minimum sales required! after that .....
              Just Pay as you go.
                              We sell to you at N1700.00 you can sell to your customers/clients at any Prices you deem fit,we offer the Best Selling Rates in the industry! lowequote-tucwebhost

        Once you sign up, You are automatically given a turnkey Domain Reseller Storefront, You can then login to your account and change the colors, graphics, Menus and texts (With our wizard interface), After that you can set pricing, Products to offer, and your payment information. The difference between the price you charge your clients and the price we charge you is your Profits.

  • Decide the pricing for YOUR products! - You set the retail price for each and every product,state which currency they are to pay,No deposit, minimums or advance purchases required!

  • All back-end control panels! - payment gateways and domain registration functionality is also provided.

  • Customize!-Use the fully customizable storefront to easily change color schemes, add your logo's and banners and even add your own custom items to the storefront and shopping cart pages!

  • Fully branded-Everything from copyright notices, emails, order confirmations, store fronts, your customers webmail interface - everything will be branded with your company name. Your customers will never know that you are an Tuc-webhost Reseller!
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Tucwebhost is a Professional Website Designing Company based in Abuja,Owerri and Lagos .
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