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Keep in mind that Domain names are meant to help users find you more easily.

  If you want a Good Domain name follow these simple rules:

  Your domain name should tell users about you
Really. The name of your domain should reflect the content of your website. Why? Because when people think of your website lets say its name is chris Painter's  they will try finding you by that name. In this case would be a good choice for your domain name. If you follow this rule you also gain some advantage with the search engines.

Shorter is better
Reserve domain name that is as short as possible as long it remains recognizable. For example is far better than It is easier to remember and it also minimizes the risk of typing it wrong.

  Make it simple and memorable
Domain name should be easy to remember.Avoid using abbreviations, hyphens or anything that could put your visitors in doubt how to spell or say it. If you can, choose domain name with less than 3 words. The easiest way to follow this rule is to write down 3 domain name of your chioces and asked your friends to pick the ones that they prefer .

  What about extensions?
My advice is use a .com,it is the most popular extension .dot coms ( are good domain names because its what people first think of when they are to make any seach, followed by .net,.biz

Following these simple rules will put you way ahead of those who will register just the first name they can think of.


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